Why you should use a specialized recruiter when hunting for a better dental job

Why you should use a specialized recruiter when hunting for a better dental job

Looking for a new job in a dental office? Your timing couldn’t be better. In fact, today’s candidate-driven market may provide the best time to find something new. But is do-it-yourself searching the most effective way to find a job?

There may be many job opportunities open, but not all would be a great fit for your next career move. If you’re like most dental job seekers, you’ve probably already been disappointed by the lack of responses to your application, or the offers you’ve received from certain offices or clinics. When you see an attractive position, it’s hard to find the energy to write another cover letter and create another resume after a long day of work, chores, or other commitments.

In the dental business, when it comes to finding a job—that is, finding a good job—two people are better than one. Whether you’re looking for a permanent part-time or full-time career, partnering with a specialized recruiter agency such as MEDIjobs can open doors and kickstart your search.

Having a top-notch dental recruiter in your area is like having your own personal advocate who can help you find your dream job, prepare for interviews, and negotiate salary. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything.

Take a look at these 6 things our recruiters at MEDIjobs will do to support your next job search:

Connect you with local employers

The best recruiters know your local dental market – who’s hiring, who’s planning to hire, and most importantly, which vacancies aren’t yet open to the public. Our recruiters have established extensive networks and strong relationships with dental practices and have built a solid reputation for talent delivery. That means they know what these employers want.

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Act as your guide

This personalized approach to working with you is critical to helping you land your ideal dental job. All of our recruiters at MEDIjobs have a lot of professional experience in their fields, so they understand your passion for the job. Just as importantly, they know that employers are looking for top talent, what they are willing to pay for it, and how to close the deal. 

For job seekers, there’s nothing better than someone who can offer expert advice on how to get the best job and a healthy salary. 

A good recruiter will also know you – your skills, goals, work style, and the workplace culture you like. It’s a level of professional familiarity that goes deeper than any list of attributes and interests listed on a resume.

Advocate your talent

Dental recruiters do more than share your resume. They will communicate directly with hiring managers or their HR colleagues, so your application won’t be seen as another name without a face. Our recruiters can support you, highlight your talents and how they meet the needs of employers, and vouch for your soft skills. This can be often hard to judge from resumes and cover letters alone.

Compared to individual job seekers alone, the recruiters have access to more job opportunities or even exclusive jobs that might not appear on any job boards. They also have a larger network and this might make unexpected opportunities arise, even for those very specialized skills that might not have so much success on traditional job boards. 

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Save your time

Finding a job in a dental office takes time and energy — both of which are scarce, especially if you’re already in a 9-to-5. Instead of spending hours a week browsing job boards or preparing applications, you can work with a recruiter that puts you in touch with employers.

At MEDIjobs, our recruiters know ahead of time if you’re a good fit or not. So we won’t waste your time trying to “push” you to a certain company, but instead we might redirect you to another dental office or clinic that might be more suitable for your needs. Why would we do that? It’s really simple: a happy candidate will be an organic source of good promotion for a recruiting agency.

Negotiate better compensation

Starting salaries for dental professionals are expected to continue to rise, especially for positions in high demand such as dental assistants and hygienists. It might even be the reason you’re looking for something new. 

But talking about money and negotiating better interests is a skill—a skill that professional recruiters are very good at. You have access to up-to-date salary data and visibility into standard perks and benefits in your industry, which means you have an ally with the insight and acumen to negotiate a compensation package that both you and your employer will be happy with.

Provide interview coaching

Read any respected book or blog on finding a dental job, and you’ll find a discussion about the importance of preparing for interviews. That includes researching the company where you’re interviewing, identifying career highlights and skills to mention, preparing for tough questions, even deciding how formal or informal to dress (important even in a video interview).

A dental recruiter can offer guidance on all that. As the one who’s submitted your application or discussed your candidacy with the employer, the recruiter will have insight into how the company operates, its workplace culture and hiring process. If you want to rehearse some awkward questions, the recruiter can offer some coaching. By the time you interview, you’ll be able to speak confidently about how you can help the employer be successful and why you’re the best person for the position.

The recruiter can also help you craft a resume that works. In fact, when working with candidates at MEDIjobs, we often help them create a resume that clients notice.

Are you interested in working with MEDIjobs for finding your ideal dental office job without hassle? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

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