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5 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Healthcare Workers

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Are you a healthcare workers planning out your new year’s resolutions? Healthcare workers should ask themselves how they want their new year to look and what they want to achieve. It’s important to make resolutions or write your goals for the new year, whether you’re starting a new job, looking for ways to increase your

4 Ways COVID Is Changing Dental Assisting Programs

As COVID continues, dental assisting programs are changing their approach to learning. Since March 2020, dental assisting programs have been taking precautions to ensure faculty, staff, and students’ safety. As the pandemic continues, dental assisting educational programs have shifted to online courses, developed partnerships with local dental offices, and establish safety procedures for instructors, clinical

Frequently Asked Questions: Being A Dental Assistant

Have questions about being a dental assistant?   If you’re interested in dental assisting, are a student, or a first-year dental assistant, you may have questions about what it’s like being a dental assistant. From what credentials you need to what procedures you can assist or do. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about being

How Much Does a Dental Hygienist Make in New Jersey?

Have you ever wondered how much dental hygienist makes in New Jersey? Even as the pandemic continues, there’s an increased demand for dental hygienists in New Jersey, especially in the ambulatory centers.  According to BLS, they expect the need for dental hygienists to grow by 19% by 2024, while it projects New Jersey at a

11 Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Nurses-Christmas and beyond

Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas for the nurses in your life this holiday?  Here are 11 of the best holiday gift ideas for nurses. Compression Socks Shifts are long, so why not surprise the nurses in your life this holiday with compression socks? Compression socks are a great holiday gift idea for

The 5 habits of a highly effective dental assistant

The 5 habits of a highly effective dental assistant

What habits make a dental assistant highly effective? Being a dental assistant is a stressful but rewarding career path. As a dental assistant, you spend hours assisting dentists, working closely with dental hygienists to ensure quality patient care, and handle administrative tasks. Dental assistants do it all. They take their job seriously and strive to

4 Ways Dental Assistants Can Improve Their Soft Skills

Dental assistants need to continue improving their soft skills throughout their careers. As dental employees, assistants are continually working with other staff members to ensure they meet patient dental hygiene needs, implementing preventative measures to provide quality care. Developing soft skills as a dental assistant allows you to understand and communicate with patients and staff

3 Ways The Dental Industry is Fighting PPE Pollution

The dental industry knows a thing or two about environmental pollution and waste. Using x-ray packets containing lead to blood-soaked gauzes that end up in landfills, plus the use of needles, scalpels, and blades often disposed of improperly, hazardous dental waste has become an environmental issue. Still, the dental industry is reducing its carbon footprint

Basic Dental Terminology New Dental Assistants Should Know

Basic Dental Terminology New Dental Assistants Should Know

As dental assistants, there are basic dental terminology you should know. As you begin your career, you’ll see some vocabulary you’ve learned in dental assistant school and specialty or facility-specific terms. Many of these dental assistant terminologies include dental procedures, billing terms, and others that allow you to communicate with patients, coworkers, and dentists.  We compiled