The MediJobs Job Searching Experience With LPN Catherine Boyd

The MediJobs Job Searching Experience With LPN Catherine Boyd

MEDIjobs and the 2020 job searching experience.

For our last interview of 2020, we spoke to Catherine Boyd, a healthcare worker, about her life as an LPN and her experience with MEDIjobs. Boyd, who works in New York, began her search for a new job in August and could find employment after a month through MEDIjobs. As an LPN with one year of experience, Boyd hopes to help those around her and provide patients with quality care.

Why did you choose to become an LPN? 

There are many reasons I pursued a career in nursing. The most significant is being there for people during their most vulnerable moments. Even at a young age, I was interested in assisting and caring for those around me. That’s why I became an LPN. As an LPN, I provide patient care and help patients feel at ease during critical moments. I am someone who loves going above and beyond for others. My life as an LPN allows me to do just that.

What are some rewarding things about being an LPN?

The most rewarding thing about my career is making real human connections with patients, especially when they’re going through difficult times. I can assist them, answer any question that comes my way, and help patients and families feel at ease.

How do you deal with the stressful aspects of your job? 

Healthcare is challenging, especially during a pandemic. Still, I can disconnect my emotions from the job, allowing me to think and operate more clearly and logically to solve any tasks that come my way. As an LPN working in a hospital, I expect the unexpected. There are many things I’ve experienced working that are “new” or that I didn’t learn during nursing school, but I’m someone who loves learning new things, so I strive to do my best and care for my patients. 

As a healthcare worker, how are you caring for yourself during this time?

For one, I am making sure I get enough sleep, and I see a therapist. I’ve been checking in with my therapist and receiving feedback on handling personal and professional issues. I think it’s great because I’m able to deal with things healthily and constructively. I also have a fantastic support system that includes my mom and my significant other.

What is one piece of advice you would give to new or future LPNs? 

Don’t give up. It gets easier. Keep an open mind to constructive criticism, and you can’t take everything personally.

Most industries, including healthcare, are business-oriented and focus on profits and numbers; don’t get sucked in. Keep the humanity and compassion in nursing.

Job Searching Experience With MEDIjobs

What was your favorite thing about using the MEDIjobs platform? 

The MEDIjobs Customer Care Team! I had a representative care team member represent me throughout my job search. They would follow up with me, connect me with perspective companies and positions. I searched for about a month before matching with my new employer. I believe MEDIjobs matched my job searching and requirements expectation and then some. 

The platform is very user friendly, and I could search, connect, and, of course, find a job through the process.

Is there anything you would change about the platform? 

Possibly expanding the filters to the job search so you can narrow down the search more targeted to what you are looking for

Fun Fact: Catherine Boyd found MEDIjobs through a google search in August, created her candidate profile, and received a job offer in September 2020. 

As a healthcare job platform, MEDIjobs strives to connect companies with the right candidate. The goal is to make the job searching experience easy for all candidates. Create an account today, and we will match your profile when the best job offers in your area.

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