EMR and What You Need to Know Before You Apply

EMR and What You Need to Know Before You Apply

It’s 2020, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and although it “should” be easy to find a nursing role with so many people sick, surprisingly the hiring process is harder than ever at most places. To help you look great on paper and increase your chances of getting hired, we compiled a special

6 Challenges LPNs Face At The Beginning of Their Career

As a licensed practical nurse (LPN), you’ll face many challenges as you care for your patients. LPNs provide primary patient care, often to patients who may be dissatisfied with their treatment.  As rewarding as the work may be, it comes with many challenges, from potential exposure to harmful materials to dealing with a patient’s death. 

7 Awesome Nursing Blogs Written by Rn’s

Did you love Chicken Soup for the Soul when you were younger? Maybe you still do. A great escape from reality can be to dive into stories from others, especially those who have experienced similar situations like yours, or worse, making those hard days seem easier. Self-care such as taking time to read a book

Paycheck to Paycheck

As children, limits didn’t exist, and superheroes and princesses were real. As we grew up, we learned that life is more than just difficult at times, it can feel impossible. For single mothers, saying life is hard is an understatement. The documentary, Paycheck to Paycheck The Life and Times of Katrina Gilbert, covers just how

12 Things Nurses Wished Patients Understood

It’s no secret that as a healthcare professional there are a few things that we wished patients understood. If you’re a patient reading this or a nurse looking to relate, we’ve created a list of 12 things nurses wished patients understood. In the ER, You’re Seen in Order of How Sick You Are Are you

Best TikTok: NYC Healthcare Workers Edition

You’ll want to follow these healthcare workers on TikTok. They’ll make you laugh, talk about their career, and even answer your questions. Checking out their videos is a great way to learn more about their professions and stay informed.

4 Best paid Technical Healthcare Jobs and Where to Study

Wondering what the highest paying technical healthcare jobs are and where to study? Did you know many high-paying healthcare jobs require just a high school diploma or an associate’s degree and an attractive salary, including benefits?  Now more than ever, healthcare facilities and institutions are looking to fill up technical healthcare positions. Positions such as