5 Reasons Why Dental Assistants Love Their Careers

5 Reasons Why Dental Assistants Love Their Careers

Many people who work within the dental industry love their career because they are able to help others. Dental assistants, in particular, not only help patients but play a critical role in the dental team. Besides being a valuable member, there are many reasons why dental assistants love their careers. Check out the top 5 reasons outlined below:

1. Lifelong Learning

Dental assistants are dedicated lifelong learners! There are many in-person and online learning opportunities for the dental assistant which can help boost their resume and strengthen their expertise.

Check out the following articles on various learning opportunities for the dental assistant:

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Think you know all there is to know about being a dental assistant? Put your skills to the test and see what you score on this quiz:

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2. Working alongside people who care

Dental assistants get to work alongside other dental professionals who are dedicated and passionate about their work. Dental assistants often form great work relationships with their team because their role is so critical in helping everything flow easily at work.

3. Diverse Experience

Being able to  juggle between different tasks and being active at work is one of the reasons why dental assistants love their careers. From sterilizing and disinfecting instruments to oral hygiene education to collecting medical and dental information from patients, dental assistants do a bit of everything at work. These diverse experiences allow dental assistants to easily transition to other careers if they wish to do so. Check out the following articles on career choices for dental assistants and those in the dental field:

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4. Helping Others

Another reason why dental assistants love their careers is because they get to help others. Dental assistants use their warm demeanor to help patients feel comfortable and learn about taking care of their teeth. They also help their team by being efficient, responsible, and organized. Dental assistants looking to further learn how to help patients might enjoy these articles:

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5. Career Growth

There is a lot of flexibility with becoming a dental assistant. Some states require aspiring dental assistants to pass and an exam while others don’t. Another reason why dental assistants love their careers is because there is job security. It is expected that this career will grow faster than the average career in the United States. To learn more about this career’s anticipated growth, check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more.

Have another reason why dental assistants love their careers? Let us know in the comments below!

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