6 of the Best Medical Podcast to listen if you are part of the medical field.

6 of the Best Medical Podcast to listen if you are part of the medical field.

Podcasts are one of the most growing digital formats out there, these audio talks are very informative and entertaining. You can find a podcast about almost every topic! and Medical podcast are not the exception

But what is a podcast? It’s basically a series of audio episodes that focus on a particular topic. The range goes from comedy to science and even fitness advice.

As a result, here at MEDIjobs, we did some research about what are the most entertaining podcast if you work in the medical field, so you can check them out on your way to work or when you have some free time at work:

Rare in common the podcast

Rare in Common is a podcast about the unique stories of people affected by rare diseases. The host Andra Stratton, speaks with different members of the rare disease community, including patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and researchers. This a very informative podcast and provides a wide view of how people with rare diseases have to live when there is not much information about their condition.

Two Docs Talk

This podcast is about two doctors that get together to talk about different medical topics. The main goal is to help healthcare consumers to understand some medical conditions so that they are better equipped to actively partner with their own physicians to make the best decisions for their own health 

Good Nurse and Bad Nurse

The Good Nurse Bad Nurse podcast is about issues that nursing face in their professional and personal lives. Moreover,  episodes include nursing frustrations, stories from the related fields of radiology, pharmacy science, ophthalmology, among others.

HIPPO Education

Hippo Education is a podcast that is specifically designed for busy medical professionals. They’re concise chapters that fit into any medical professional bussy schedule.  Above all, they have very interesting medical topics to keep you updated with the best medical information.

Be a powerful Patient

This NPR podcast is mostly focused on the patient side, basically, shares insider tips from the medical world. It’s a great tool for you if you want to provide your patients with helpful tools that will make their medical experience less stressful.

Focus on Children’s Health

If you are part of the children’s medical field, you will love this podcast! ReachMD explores all the spectrum of children’s health with a group of leading medical experts in pediatrics and adolescent medicine. In addition, the podcast has a very interesting forum where you can ask questions related to certain medical cases.

Certainly, these are podcasts that will definitely provide a new perspective about medicine. They will also increase your knowledge and help you to be more in touch with other areas of medicine. 

Finally, If you like any of these podcasts let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, thanks for being part of the MEDIjobs community!

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