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5 Holiday Marketing Ideas For Your Healthcare Practice

Exchanging gifts in a healthcare practice. MEDIjobs

The holidays are a time of celebration and it can be a great opportunity for you to market your healthcare practice and increase engagement with your patients. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to boost your marketing so we’ve come up with these holiday marketing ideas that you can implement in your healthcare practice today.

ICU or ER Nurses: Which is a Better Fit for You?

ICU or ER Nurse.MEDIjobs

Nurses complete a massive number of duties at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Few do as much as ICU or ER nurses. For these nurses, every shift has high stakes, as the patients under their care face life-threatening injuries and illnesses. ICU and ER nurses have different duties and workloads. Any nurse applying for jobs

How to Become a Gastroenterologist in New York City


In the following article, we tell you how to become a gastroenterologist. Becoming a gastroenterologist requires a lot of effort. why? Because Medicine is quite extensive. This is why each doctor must specialize in a specific area and gastroenterology is a very exciting path to take. A gastroenterologist works with a variety of patients and

Top Healthcare Resume Do’s and Don’ts

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Did you know that potential employers only spend about six seconds on average reviewing a resume? We’ve compiled a list of fundamental healthcare resume do’s and don’ts that will take your resume to the next level and set you up for success.

How to Gain Experience as a New Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant sitting with an elderly female patient on couch in an assisted living facility, checking her blood pressure. MEDIjobs

Recently graduated with your M.A. and wondering how you can gain the experience you need to land your dream career as a new Medical Assistant? If you’re ready to start, but you need a little direction, you’ve come to the right article. 

Navigating your way through starting a new career in a new industry is hard enough, so we’ve outlined a few tips and tricks to help catapult you into the dream position you were born for. 

4 bad habits nurses should avoid in any medical practice

Bad habits nurses. MEDIjobs

Our habits, good and bad, play a fundamental role in defining who we are and usually help others to perceive our character. Therefore, it is not surprising that practicing and applying good habits can greatly influence the success of your nurse career.

All you need to know about a Primary Care Physician career in New York City

Primary Care Physician. MEDIjobs

A primary care physician is a health professional who practices general medicine. This type of doctor has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide medical treatment and simple procedures for most of the conditions people struggle with during their lives. They help people from children to the elderly. If they couldn’t treat certain conditions, they would refer patients to trusted specialists.