Your first day as a nurse, tips and advice on how to make the most of it

Your first day as a nurse, tips and advice on how to make the most of it

The first day as a nurse can be quite complicated and stressful. You don’t know very well how to act, what your future colleagues and bosses will be like, you ask yourself a thousand questions … First of all, keep in mind that if you have been chosen among all the candidates it is because you meet the profile that the hospital or center looks for of health; Use this thought to calm your nerves a little. Once you are clear, we will see a series of useful tips for your first day of work.

Leave home early

Leave home early in advance if you do not usually go to the area where your new workplace is located. It would be very uncomfortable for the first day to get lost or be late.

Be on time

It is clear that being late on the first day of work is a big mistake, although it is not necessary to arrive half an hour before. The person in charge of accompanying you during the first day may have to prepare things before your arrival, and the fact that you are there with such anticipation is uncomfortable. Try to arrive 5 minutes before.

Pay attention

On the first day of work they will introduce you to your colleagues and explain the basic things that you are going to have to do. Sometimes this can be a lot of information for a single day, so it is important that if you have any questions ask at the time. It is preferable to ask to say that you have heard and ask what you “understood” an hour later.

Take notes of all the information you receive, will make your work much easier in the future

Good notes (clear and complete) will allow you to not constantly repeat your questions, in addition to saving time for everyone since you will not always be able to have someone who solves your doubts


It is good that on the first day of work confidence and determination are demonstrated when doing things, but there are certain limits. If they ask you to do something but you are not sure how to proceed, ask. It is your first day, therefore it is normal that you do not know very well how to do certain things.


There is usually a time when coworkers take a short break for coffee. During your first day of work, you can take advantage of that moment to socialize a little with your colleagues. The normal thing is that they are the ones who invite you to accompany them. Read this useful article on how to getting along in your new job with your colleges

Respect the times

If they ask you to have a report or anything else ready at a certain time, it is convenient that you give priority to that, although you do not mind spending more time doing it, surely the person who has told you order you need it for that moment and not for later.

Just relax

It is your first day of work. You have already passed the selection process. The most important thing is what you can learn.


Contributing ideas is good, but do not try to impose your criteria as soon as you arrive so that they see that you know a lot. Listen first and based on what is exposed, put your grain of sand.


For two reasons, fundamentally. Because your first day of work is a happy moment that you have to enjoy, and because a smile will open many doors since the first impression that others take from you is essential. Remember that you are not yet going to be valued as much for your skills as for your attitude. Everyone wants to work with someone optimistic and enthusiastic by their side.

Remember that it is your first day as a nurse, not the last. Don’t be too hard or too demanding of yourself because that can overwhelm you. All your classmates and even your bosses also went through their first day as a nurse, you are not the only one. The fundamental thing is to have confidence and transmit it to others. Try to calm the nerves before entering and, above all, use logic and common sense, you will see that everything goes well.

Good luck!

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