Writing a Cover Letter For Medical Assistants – Tips + Example

Writing a Cover Letter For Medical Assistants – Tips + Example

Writing cover letters can be a challenge. Cover letters should be unique to the position, therefore, it can be dreadful to have to put together a new one for every job you apply to. However, using the tips below can help you structure your cover letter easily and quickly.

1. Research the Company

Before writing a cover letter, it is important to learn about the company you are applying for. In order to do this, review the company’s website and social media accounts. Doing your research allows you to get a sense of the company’s culture, values, language and how they engage with their audience. If the company has a mission statement, jot down any key words they use, like the word “honesty” or “customer oriented.” Incorporating these keywords into your cover letter might help the recruiter/employer see that you’re a good match.

2. Use the Job Description Strategically

It is important to pay close attention to the job’s description. Read the description thoroughly and point out all the responsibilities for this role. The responsibilities listed at the top of the list are most likely the most important ones for this position.

The next step is to identify specific examples of how your previous experience has prepared you to do well in each of the responsibilities listed. This is a great way to identify what to write in your cover letter and to prepare for interview questions.

3. Emphasize Your Patient Care and Administrative Skills

When writing a cover letter, it is important to highlight your patient care and administrative skills. Medical assistants are flexible and can switch between various tasks. This includes tasks like updating patient records and assisting physicians during a procedure.

The more specific you can be about the work you have done in the past, the better chance you have at being called for an interview. Using specific numbers and naming equipment or systems you used are some of the ways that you can be more specific in your writing.

Ready To Write Your Cover letter? Check Out This Example:

Jane Adams
204 58th Street, Quinty VA 11837
[email protected]

June 12 2020
Beacon Health Clinic
90 Forrest Avenue
Quinty, VA 11229

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the Medical Assistant position at Beacon Health Clinic. As someone who has years of relevant experience and a flexible and friendly demeanor, I feel confident that I can positively contribute to your healthcare team.

In my most recent position as the Medical Assistant for John Smith’s Hospital, I completed various patient care responsibilities including taking blood pressure, drawing blood, weight checks, and setting up procedures for various tests. I have enjoyed engaging with patients and believe that my friendly and welcoming personality has contributed to the patient’s positive experience at my prior place of work. In addition, as someone who is organized and has strong time management skills, I was able to complete these tasks in an effective and quick manner. My contributions aided in helping over 100 people daily who sought care from our facility.

In addition to my patient skills, I am highly familiar with administrative work. In my previous roles, I was tasked to ensure that all medical supplies were stocked and ordered, accurately filed patient medical records, scheduled patient appointments, and transported supplies and equipment as needed. As a quick learner, I feel confident that I will be able to learn any new systems or procedures that Beacon Health Clinic has in place.

I am available to start working as soon as possible and have a flexible schedule. I would love to discuss my experience further and hear more about this position.


Jane Adams

In the cover letter above, Jane, the applicant, does the following:

  • Describes their personality using key words such as “friendly” and “flexible”
  • Highlights their administrative and patient care skills with specific examples and numbers
  • Encourages the hiring person to get in touch with them soon

Writing a cover letter doesn’t need to be complicated. Use the above example for format yours and remember to follow steps 1-3. It is important to make sure your resume is in top shape, too.

Check out this article on the Do’s and Don’t for wiring your resume here. Once you have an interview confirmed, make sure to come back and read the helpful articles we have on interviewing like this article here.


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