Looking for Ted Talks on COVID-19? Check These Out (Summaries and Links Included)

Looking for Ted Talks on COVID-19? Check These Out (Summaries and Links Included)

These Ted Talks on COVID-19 will give you critical information on the topic

There are countless number of news reports floating around that provide information on COVID-19. However, it is extremely important to be able to trust where information comes from. Generally, the people who share information on Ted Talks are specialists in their field. It is also very common for Ted Talk speakers to provide straightforward actionable steps which can be extremely helpful during these times.

Any of these Ted Talk on COVID-19 are worth watching. They break down information, offer hope, and provide steps for a better tomorrow:

1. The Secret Weapon Against Pandemics

What is this video about?
Georges C. Benjamin provides insight as a public health professional on what he would like to see when communities begin to reopen. He discusses how we all need to care about public health and provides concrete examples as to what communities can do on the individual, business, and political level. Benjamin also takes the time to answer commonly asked questions from Ted Talk fans. These questions range from how to talk to those who were non-believers in the virus to what future priorities should be to prepare for upcoming viruses.

You can learn more about Georges C. Benjamin and watch the video here as well.

2. How American and Chinese Values Shaped the Coronavirus Response

What is this video about?
In this COVID-19 Ted Talk, Huang Hung points out the differences between America’s response to COVID-19 compared to China’s response. Furthermore, Hung discusses how America and China have different values, therefore public reactions to government regulated safety precautions are viewed differently in each country. The examples Hung describes sheds light as to how China focuses on collective safety while America focuses on individual freedom. Hung makes it a point to say how America can learn from China’s collective mentality in order to move forward and vice versa. This is a great video for someone looking to reflect on how culture, values, and healthcare is interconnected.

You can learn more about Huang Hung and watch the video here as well.

3. Why COVID-19 is Hitting Us Now – and How to Prepare for the Next Outbreak

What is this video about?
This is an excellent Ted Talk that breaks down information about the coronavirus in easy to understand pieces. For healthcare professionals who are struggling with explaining the coronavirus to patients and their loved ones – this is the video you should watch. In addition, Alanna Shaikh also does a wonderful job at identifying specific changes that need to be done in order to minimize the impact of a future outbreak. In regards to changes, it may also be helpful to read this article on how COVID-19 will change the lives of doctors and nurses in addition to watching this Ted Talk.

You can learn more about Alanna Shaikh and check out their Ted Talk here as well.

4. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Here’s what to do next

What is this video about?
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of fear and mental health concerns in people all across the world. Elizabeth Gilbert provides thoughtful insight as to how to break through that fear. She focuses on how our intuition can be used to combat fear and allow us to be in the present moment. Gilbert also discusses loneliness in this COVID-19 Ted Talk. – Loneliness is the unfortunate reality that many healthcare workers are going through as they distance themselves from their loved ones. Gilbert beautifully describes how showing compassion for yourself is critical in order to get through these difficult emotions. Mental health is such an important topic, therefore it may be helpful to read through these articles on work burnout and stress relieving strategies, too.

You can learn more about Elizabeth Gilbert and watch their video here as well.

5. How Health Workers are Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many healthcare workers will resonate with what Esther Choo has to say about the current state of healthcare workers right now. She describes healthcare workers working at max capacity and how the hospital system needs people who aren’t experiencing a health emergency to stay home. She offers practical straightforward advice as to how people can support healthcare workers at this time, too. Choo also discusses a few effects that this virus has on people and the healthcare system which we will all have to face in the upcoming months. Those interested in understanding the future are healthcare will appreciate this Ted Talk.

You can learn more about Esther Choo and check out their Ted Talk here as well.

All of these Ted Talks discuss COVID-19. However, it may be helpful to browse Ted Talk’s other categories such as healthcare, public health, psychology, and medical research. Checking out videos in other categories that are not related to COVID-19 might provide further insight as to how to understand everything that is going on from a healthcare, social, and political viewpoint.

Are there any Ted Talks that have impacted you? List them in the comments below!


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