How to find a job as a dental assistant in 2020

How to find a job as a dental assistant in 2020

Dental assistants enjoy a career that is not only interesting but comforting because of the interaction with patients. Dental assistants are essentially the backbone of dental offices. With tasks such as assisting dentists during procedures, helping patients before, during and after their dental work. Also, performing basic office tasks and teaching patients to maintain their oral health.

Another benefit of the dental care field is that the profession is strong. It is expected to grow for the next few years, offering competitive salaries. For those who are interested in the career as dental assistants, preparation and training, as well as good job search skills are vital.

Strategic planning, and learning how to look for a job as a dental assistant can result in a comforting and lucrative career that can last a lifetime.

Here we have some tips on how to find your first job as a dental assistant:

Decide if a career as a dental assistant is right for you.

If you like working with a diverse group of people, helping others and you are good at details and multi-tasking, you probably will like a job as a dental assistant.

Find out the requirements for the state in which you want to work.

Each state has different training and tests needed. Some have no formal requirements. Research and look for the best training as a dental assistant.
Many community schools offer dental assistance programs that only take about a year to complete. Those include laboratories, classes and practice training.

Obtain a CDA to receive a higher down payment and to be more competitive when looking for jobs.

You can obtain these credentials at a school that offers an accredited dental assisting program, recognized by the Dental Accreditation Commission (CODA).

The mission of the organization is to serve the oral health care needs of the public through the development and administration of standards that foster the continuous quality improvement of dental and dental-related educational programs.

CODA-backed programs offer highly recognized training in the field of dentistry to obtain high standards of training.

Prepare your CV mentioning your qualifications as a dental assistant.

Highlight all the education you have completed and mention any relevant experience and training you have received in this field.

“I have training oriented to oral care that is efficiently completed with my professional experience obtained in two different dental clinics that stand out for the great professionalism in their performance.”

  • Friendly treatment with patients and outgoing personality.
  • Ability to help patients relaxing during treatment and consultation.
  • Manual skills for handling equipment and applying treatments to patients.
  • Able to keep working professionally under pressure situations.
  • Precision and accuracy when taking notes with the instructions given by the dentist.

Prepare for interviews in potential dental offices discussing your qualifications.

Talk to the dentist who is going to interview you about why you want to work in this field and why your training as a dental assistant makes you a good candidate for the position they are offering.

Pro tips:

  • If you are considering becoming a dental assistant, you may need to speak with a college advisor to make a more informed decision about your career choice.
  • Before going to a job interview, do a practice interview with friends or family. This will help you have a realistic idea of ​​how to find a dental assistant position when you are in the process. It will also make the actual interview less stressful by preparing you to have clear ideas in mind.
  • Don’t get discouraged if they don’t hire you right away. You may have to go through several interviews to ensure a job that is right for you.
  • If you are still in high school, start preparing early if you are interested in this career. High school graduates who prepared with biology or chemistry courses or graduates who specialized in courses applicable to the dental assistant position are good candidates.

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