Fun and Educational Tiktoks by Healthcare Professionals (Videos Included)

Fun and Educational Tiktoks by Healthcare Professionals (Videos Included)

Tiktoks by healthcare professionals have proven to be particularly powerful in shaping how the crisis of COVID-19 is perceived, both inside and outside the medical community.

Certainly, the negative effects COVID-19 is having around the world affect us all; in spite of it, it is no secret to anyone that the health sector is one of the most affected by the crisis.

In this context, doctors, technicians, assistants, and nurses are among the most affected by this pandemic. As a result, they not only have an excessive workload but also risk their lives day by day when caring for patients infected with the new coronavirus.

However, different healthcare professionals around the world have been in charge of issuing a message of joy and hope to the world, demonstrating that a positive attitude and sharing knowledge is essential when carrying out their tasks.

Monika Pina, Tiktok monikapina80

A great example of educational Titoks is a video issued by @monikapina80 showing others how she gets ready for a day in the frontline as a doctor. With the caption “My superhero Outfit”. As a result, the video went viral and has more than 80k views already.


My superhero outfit ##covid19 ##healthcare ##ppe

♬ Work work work work work – Fifth Harmony

Tori, Tiktok @viic.toc

Is the constant use of masks irritating the back part of your ears? don’t worry, in this easy yet useful Tiktok, @viic.toc will show you how you can solve this problem.


PPE, but make it fashion. ##DecadesofHair ##fyp ##foryou ##covidnurse ##nurses ##pedsnurse ##covid19 ##nursehacks ##ppe

♬ They Call Me Tiago (Her Name Is Margo) – Tiagz

Amanda Bissel, @amandabissell13

And of course, one of the most trending challenges #pewpewpewchallenge was made by a group of nurses and went viral, it is really funny


##coronavirus ##nurselife ##pedsnurse ##quarantine ##oncologynurse ##pewpewpew ##pewpewpewchallenge

♬ Pew Pew Pew – Auntie Hammy

Solidarity in times of pandemic

Another factor that has gone viral on Tiktok is the show of solidarity from regular citizens towards healthcare professionals.

Flashmobs of lights from the Italian balconies in quarantine. Group songs in Lombardy against fear. Spanish citizens offering to accompany lonely old people or to run errands or purchases are just some of the samples that have been made visible in the midst of fear.

This TikTok was recorded outside a hospital, people from the community gathered to say thank you to all the healthcare workers.

You can see how much this little gestures can mean for them


I cannot express just how much it meant to have these people come out to support us. ##COVID 19 ##frontlines ##healthcare ##godisgood

♬ Way Maker – Caleb and Kelsey

In a column for the New York Times, sociologist Eric Klinenberg concluded: “Beyond social distancing, societies have resorted to another resource to face disasters and pandemics: social solidarity or interdependence between individuals beyond groups. Most importantly, this is an essential tool to combat infectious diseases and other collective threats. “

Klinenberg suggests that there are many ways to promote solidarity in these times. Accompanying vulnerable neighbors, recruiting young people to teach digital communication tools to the older ones or to order food through the apps.

In times of individualism and social isolation, Tiktoks by healthcare professionals caring for humanity can be another of the good news in the midst of the pandemic.

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