Dental SEO: Build A Strong Online Presence for Your Dental Practice

Dental SEO: Build A Strong Online Presence for Your Dental Practice

Dental SEO may sound like a confusing term, but it is crucial for being seen in 2020. Technological advances allow us to remain connected 24 hours a day, and every day of the year. Traditional platforms like television and newspapers are no longer the primary source for people to digest information.

Utilizing these platforms to enhance your dental practices’ online presence in 2020 is not a should do, it is a must-do. Here are three simple steps you can take to expand grow your brand’s online presence without breaking the bank.

1. Notification Alerts

Search alerts are imperative. Before you can sell your services or promote your practice, you should be mindful of what your clients are saying about your practice. 

Notification alerts set up with top search engines like Google will help you monitor what type of content is being published about your practice.

Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, and reviews can all impact how a potential client views your brand. Responding quickly to questions and reviews is a must. It’s simple to set up a notification alert, just go into the settings of your favorite search engine.

2. Social Media

Being a dental hygienist has its perks, but growing your practice to keep them busy takes some effort.

Social media platforms are wonderful for growing your practices’ online presence There’s a high likelihood that your audience is hanging out on these platforms as well. For example, Facebook has over two billion users, and over 65% of them check their accounts daily.

People turn to social media for recommendations, and to do research about products or services they are interested in using.

Gone are the days of basing decisions solely on the flyer that arrives in your mailbox. People want real information and to build real connections with brands.  By posting, engaging, following, and staying up to date with what’s trending, you can build an excellent online presence for your dental practice.


Your practice is being judged online. If you have an active page3 on Facebook where you’re posting relevant content, prospective penitent will have an idea of who you are.

It doesn’t take oop much work to get a content calendar together, or you can hire a content writer to help with content creation. Posting announcements, dental care tips, and special some of the things your patients may find value in.


Potential patients care about how you interact with your audience. Do you respond quickly when they ask a question, or do you engage and reply to comments? 

With digital marketing, you’re forming a relationship with these potential patients not just providing a service.

People have to like you before they choose to book your services. The same thing goes for patients. When you engage with them on a personal level, they are a lot happier.


You want to build an audience bigger than just people who know you. Dental SEO techniques can encourage your audience to leave a review and like your social media pages.

If you have patients that have been with your practice for a long time, 8/10 times they are more than happy to help. Leaving a positive review can boost your visibility online.

Satisfied patient reviews make your brand stand out and seem more trustworthy to people who have not used your services yet.


Using hashtags that are trending and posting about current topics is a great way the engagement rate on your page. 

Staying on topic is important, so sharing content relevant to the dental industry means your audience will like and share your post.

Remembering to post greetings for national holidays like New Year’s. Boosting your dental practices’ online presence is not as difficult as it may seem.

3. SEO Content

People are more likely to read and believe content published online than they do any other form of media today. Unless you optimize your content for search engines, prospective patients may not see it. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your dental practice’s website be visible on the first page of mega search platforms like Google and Bing.

You want your practice listed in Google’s top rankings because it increases your brand’s credibility. It also helps you generate new prospective patients because your website will be more visible.

There are a few dental SEO techniques you can implement to write search engine friendly content.


Keyword research may be done manually, with an SEO tool, or by hiring an SEO copy and content writer (often the best choice). The content you create needs to have focus keywords that are relevant to your business. For us, that’s the dental industry.

Aside from keywords, the content you create should be original and engaging to enhance your audience’s experience. 

Thoughtfully placed keywords in informative content are the best way you can organically grow your dental practices’ website presence.


Guest posting, social media pages, and sponsored content are great ways to get other authority websites linked to your website. This is called backlinking. 

This technique increases your online visibility and authority by writing quality content and posting it on other similar websites and social channels.

Mobile Optimization

Most people using the internet are on their phones. It is so important that your website is mobile-friendly, so your site needs to have fast loading speeds and it also needs to be responsive. 

If a potential patient click on a blog post and they cannot easily view it, they are likely to go back to the Google search results and find another search result.

In Summary

Building an online presence with limited funds is doable. If you do not have the time to create high-quality content, social media posts, or design your website, outsourcing these tasks to qualified people will save you time. 

Content writers, graphic designers, and website developers can help you boost your online presence while you do what you love- dentistry.

With some planning, time, and effort you can grow your dental practice and enhance your [atient base by implementing these digital marketing techniques.

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