Best Online Certifications for Medical Assistants

Best Online Certifications for Medical Assistants

A career in medical assisting is highly rewarding and allows you to impact the lives of your patients positively. Depending on the facility, the job of a medical assistant can entail clinical tasks such as administering medication and administrative tasks, including scheduling appointments. 

Online certification allows people interested in a career as a medical assistant to obtain an accredited qualification and gain employment in clinics, hospitals, and private practices. The flexibility and affordability of online courses mean that students can find the perfect course to suit their needs. With the healthcare sector set to boom over the next decade, there will likely be abundant employment opportunities. 

To give you the best chance of finding a satisfying job at a world-class facility, we have curated a list of the schools that offer the best online certifications for medical assistants

California State University, San Bernadino, CA

The College of Extended Learning via CSU has partnered with Career Step to develop a program geared toward preparing students to take the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMMA) exam. With a curriculum designed by medical professionals, you know you are getting a comprehensive, industry-focused education that will adequately prepare you for the workforce. 

The course is completed through the Blackboard learning platform and can be accessed at any time during the quarter. This allows you the flexibility to go at your own pace to match the needs of your lifestyle and learning method. Throughout the course, students have access to education support with online tutorials, advising, and a complete introduction to Microsoft Windows Suite.

The Healthcare Association certifies the online course, and the school is accredited through WASC Senior College and University Commission. 

Independence University, Salt Lake City, UT

Independence University lives up to its name by providing you with all the tools you need for success as an independent online student. Not only do you get a tablet and laptop upon enrolment with the coursework preloaded, but you can also design a learning program to fit in with your schedule, and each course features regular checkpoints to keep you on track. 

The curriculum has been developed to provide you with the essential training and skills you need in a job as a medical assistant, and none of the elective courses you don’t, so you can graduate fast. The courses focus on practical, real-world skills, including administering injections, taking vital signs, and clinical record keeping. 

For the duration of your program, you will have access to online tutoring and one-on-one mentoring, and toward the end of the course, the University will fly you out to Salt Lake City for an externship to gain practical experience

Bellevue University

At Bellevue University, students interested in a career in healthcare can apply for a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Health Science. The basic curriculum takes an integrated approach to healthcare educations and covers a broad range of subjects, including psychology, microbiology, and nutrition. This prepares students for selecting their major in medical assisting. 

The university offer BRUIN support for all their online students, and 24/7 tech assistance to help you achieve your education goals. Graduates from the Bellevue health science program are fully qualified for a career in public and private health, clinics, and long-term healthcare facilities. 

Through the Bachelor of Science, students are also eligible for application to medical school with a pre-med certification if you decided that you want a more clinical role in the healthcare industry. 

Liberty University

The online Associate’s Degree in Medical Office Assisting. Is your best choice to fast track your way into a career as a medical assistant. Their primary focus is on the administrative side of medical assisting with a curriculum aimed at providing in-depth knowledge of medical coding, billing, and bookkeeping, as well as the ethical and legal aspects of running a healthcare facility. However, you will also be educated about clinical aspects like infection control in a medical office. 

While most of the coursework is done online in 8-week blocks, you also have the opportunity to take a 160-hour externship at a participating facility to gain vital real-world experience and put your theoretical skills into practice. 

One of the advantages to an Associate’s Degree at Liberty University is the military benefits. Military students are eligible for course credit for military training, and the program is offered in flexible blocks with no set start time, and they receive substantial tuition discounts. 

Weber State University

If you are more interested in the clinical side of medical assisting, then Weber State University offers a Medical Laboratory Assistant certificate where you will learn the core skills you need to work in a physician’s office or testing facility. This course is designed for people already working in the healthcare industry who want to upskill or change their career path.

To be a candidate for the Weber State program, you must have access to a lab that can facilitate the completion of the program’s core competencies.

You will receive instruction in basic specimen collection, phlebotomy, hematology, urinalysis, and clinical chemistry. Once you have completed your course work, you can take the ASCP certification for a Medical Laboratory Assistant. 

The Takeaway

A medical assistant plays a vital role in the health and well-being of patients and is a fun and rewarding career path. Be aware that each state has different licensure regulations, so it is important to check that the certification you choose meets your state’s licensing requirements.

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