7 Remote jobs for nurses and healthcare workers in 2023

7 Remote jobs for nurses and healthcare workers in 2023

Did you know remote jobs for healthcare workers and nurses have increased over the last 3 years because of the pandemic?

Now more than ever, companies and healthcare institutions are hiring more remote healthcare workers to perform. With a shortage in staffing, more healthcare workers are working remotely and assist various healthcare institutions with patient care, in the comfort of their own home. But what remote jobs are healthcare workers able to apply and work remotely?

Here are 7 remote jobs for nurses and healthcare workers in 2023:

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionists or healthcare documentation specialists convert physicians’ and healthcare workers’ audio notes into written reports. They review and edit the medical documents, interpret medical terminology, and discharge summaries. 

Companies and Organizations Hiring 

  • Ascend Healthcare Systems
  • Eight Crossing (based in Sacramento, but remote is ok)
  • MT Helping Hand
  • iMedX
  • Nuance Transcription Services
  • Med Trans
  • iScribes

Most remote transcriptionists work as independent contractors or for a doctor’s office. They make about $33,380 per year, depending on location, experience, and certifications.

Note: To become a certified medical transcriptionist: you need a diploma or GED, graduate from a transcription training program, and pass the license exam given by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)

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Care Review Clinician (RN/LVN/LPN)

Care Review Clinicians evaluate medical records, provide reviews for coding and billing accuracy, and implements new claim guides. They often work with Chief Medical Officer or Medical Director to implement new claims, report quality care issues, fraud and act as a clinical resource for claim clinical review. On average, Clinicians make $67,622 and come from a nursing background, with claims review, billing, and coding experience.

Patient Advocate

A Patient Advocate helps patients navigate the healthcare system, i.e., setting appointments, financial and social support, and reminders of follow-ups. This remote job is great for those interested in healthcare assistance, law, and administrations. Most advocates come from counseling, social work, and billing background. Patient Advocates make around $33,000 a year and work in hospitals, facilities, and remote.

Role of a Remote Patient Advocate

  • Consult with patients over the phone and telehealth platforms
  • Connect patients to healthcare providers, assistance programs, case managers
  • Communicate with providers to ensure the patient receives quality care and monitors patients’ medical progress


With new medical apps like Talkspace, having access to a psychiatrist or therapist has become easier. There are many home-based or virtual psychiatrists who use virtual platforms to consult and monitor clients. Some online psychiatrists use systems like LiveHealth Online or Teladoc to perform virtual sessions to communicate, diagnose, prescribe medicines to patients; include meet other health providers. 

Note: Doctor on Demand, a private hospital and healthcare company that provides telemedicine services hires, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers, and implementation coordinators looking for remote work.

Healthcare and Medical Recruiter

Recruiters work with human resource departments and healthcare facilities to recruit and hire quality healthcare professionals. Most healthcare and medical recruiters come from a healthcare administrative or customer service background. They make about $48,363 a year, depending on experience, location, and education.

Recruiters mainly connect with candidates through virtual communication. They create job descriptions, post openings on job boards, screen potential candidates, review resumes, interview and hire candidates. This is a great opportunity for individuals interested in recruitment and retention, administration, and working remotely. 

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Quality Improvement Specialist

A quality improvement works to improve the overall quality of medical care for patients. Specialists gather data from facilities related to clinical results, develop programs and protocols to improve care. They also monitor and evaluate programs, and review compliance issues. Specialists often connect with employees, examine workflow in different departments, analyze results, and create reports for the facility. Most improvement specialists earn about $54,00 a year and often work freelance (remote) or full-time in hospitals and organizations.

Note: Most positions require at least a graduate degree in nursing, public health, epidemiology, healthcare administration, or a related field; includes 2 to 4 years’ experience in a clinical setting. 

Remote Order Entry Pharmacist

Order entry pharmacists assist healthcare staff to provide patient care by reviewing and approving medication orders remotely. Pharmacist, log on, review orders, enter orders, and approve them daily. They also consult with physicians and nurses to coordinate access to medication. On average, Remote Pharmacist makes $100,504 a year; most work part-time, PRN, but full-time positions.

Note: A Remote Pharmacist must have an active pharmacy license and two to four years of clinical hospital experience. Since this is a remote position, the individual must be technologically savvy and possess excellent communication skills.  

These are 7 remote jobs for nurses and healthcare workers who want to virtually. There are other remote jobs such as benefits coordinator, medical writers, nurse triage, or case manager nursing that’s always in demand. You can create an account here and get matched to a job that fits your criteria.

Let us know in the comment section if you’ve worked remotely and about your experience.

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