6 LinkedIn Groups Every Nurse Should Belong To

6 LinkedIn Groups Every Nurse Should Belong To

You know about Facebook groups, but have you joined any LinkedIn groups? LinkedIn is the social media mecca of jobs, careers, and professionals. 

If you haven’t set up your profile on LinkedIn, do so now. It’s okay, I will wait. Okay, are you all setup? Let’s go!

The healthcare industry is no exception. There are tons of insightful groups, and they can help you both start and enhance your nursing career.

Here are 5 LinkedIn groups you should join if you are a nurse:  

Nursing Professionals

This group is for nursing professionals to be around like-minded people and network. Anyone who is in nursing school or who is actively practicing as a nurse should join this group. 

Today, over six thousand nurses have joined. If you are on the hunt for a new job, or you’re a manager on the hunt for a new nurse, odds are, you will find it in Nursing Professionals.

Medical Information Group

From research, treatment, and policy changes, the discussions in the Medical Information Group are always informative. 

With a growing number of nurses and other medical professionals that are not doctors joining this group, the concentration of healthcare professionals is dense. 

If you like to follow the latest medical conferences, this is the group for you!


If you are just entering the world of nursing, and you are looking for a place to enhance your career, NursingCrossing is the place to be. This LinkedIn group monitors and analyzed medical employers across the globe. 

It is constantly updated with who is the most desirable employer, or which position is the most competitive. 

For monitoring and reporting everything to do with nursing careers, there’s no better group on LinkedIn.


This LinkedIn Group is a great one for a few reasons. First, the majority of information providers are in NYC. We like to think the heart and soul of the medical industry started in New York. 

When it comes to the latest news and missions related to healthcare, you will find it in MyBio. While the biotech industry is the primary focus of this group, other medical-related topics are always welcome too.

Medical Insight Inc.

This LinkedIn group has a huge selection of medical resources and information published daily. Alternative medicine and home health issues are just some of the topics being discussed. If you like to stay up to date on trending home health options, join this group.

American Nursing Association

The American Nursing Association (ANA) is the only association that represents the interest of over three million nurses in the United States.

The organization’s goal is to protect and advance the interest of nurses. They advocate for nursing rights and lobby issues that may affect the nursing industry. 

The group on LinkedIn has nearly 70,000 members, so you can tap into resources that can enhance your career by joining this group. 

In Summary

For the most part, social media is for fun, but LinkedIn is designed specifically for professionals to network.

Groups on LinkedIn can help you enhance your career. Whether you are a seasoned nurse looking for a new opportunity, or you are just starting your nursing journey. There’s a group that will help you prosper.

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