5 Facebook Groups for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

5 Facebook Groups for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

Working the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic or watching from afar? Healthcare workers are joining together across social media to connect, provide resources, talk about self-care, vent and so much more. We’ve compiled the top 5 Facebook groups for healthcare workers during COVID-19 so you can join in on the conversations and provide additional support.  


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Healthcare providers around the world are posting their personal observations and experiences with COVID 19 across social media. However, there’s no easy place where all the posts are brought together. In this group, you’ll find front-of-the-line stories, educational materials, PPE tricks, best-practices for self-care, ways to protect yourself and so much more. Looking to vent? They have an area for that too. Looking for a specific topic? Use the links below or visit the “topics” area on any Facebook page to navigate through topics to find related posts. 

Group Topics Include: 

COVID-19 USA Healthcare Worker PPE Sub-group

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This group is a breakaway forum from the COVID-19 USA Physician/APP group to exchange/volunteer PPE and PPE ideas. However, it is open to Physicians and advanced practice providers (APP) only. The group is focused on sterilization techniques for PPE, spotting scams, and more. If you’re a front of the line healthcare worker that is not a physician, please join one of the other groups listed above or below.

Group Topics Include: 

COVID19 Healthcare Provider Updates, Reliable Articles, & Problem Solving

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Looking for scientific and thoughtful discussions on the continuing evolution of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States? Then this is the group for you. Stay informed on the dynamics of the disease and how it relates to healthcare workers, our families, and communities. Gain insight and share information from trusted sources, and learn what you can do to solve problems as they arise. The information shared here specifically targets the unique population of HCPs, our families and our specific challenges with this outbreak. 

Group Topics Include: 


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Looking to stay informed on COVID-19 outside of the healthcare space? Don’t qualify to join the other groups? This group keeps you up to date on news, announcements, medical advancements, ways to get PPE to healthcare workers, and more. Have a question? This is a great opportunity and pace to ask. See an article you love that your friends and family wouldn’t appreciate as much as your co-workers? Share it here! 

Group Topics Include: 

  • This group does not currently have organized topics. Please join in on their main discussion page. 

RVs 4 MDs To Fight the Corona Virus

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Are you a healthcare professional that is working on the front lines? Are you worried about taking the virus home to your family? RVs 4 MDs is helping healthcare workers isolate after long shifts by connecting them with idle RV’s. Do you have an RV to share? You can also join the group to donate your RV for use. 

“For Mark Quale, an emergency room physician in Burlington, North Carolina, coming home after a long day at the hospital was as stressful as work itself. With two young boys, a wife and an elderly mother-in-law at home, he knew that if he wasn’t cautious, he could spread the novel coronavirus to his own family. So just as he arrived home from work, he would strip off his scrubs on the front porch, walk the specific route to his bathroom that was cordoned off by a tarp and wash all the germs off in the shower. But today, Quale’s mind is more at peace because he’s able to isolate himself in a 31-foot travel trailer, and it’s all thanks to a Facebook group called RVs 4 MDs, which matches health care workers to local RV owners.” 

Looking to volunteer to coordinate RV efforts in your area and/or help our matchmaking leaders? Please join the group RVs 4 MDs Volunteer Group instead. 

If you have any additional Facebook groups for healthcare workers during COVID-19 that you love that didn’t make the list let us know in the comments below. 

A special thank you to everyone who is currently working on the front lines to keep the rest of us safe. An additional thank you to those who are already involved and sharing in these groups so that those of us that haven’t been hit yet can be as prepared as possible. We couldn’t do it without you.

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